August 9, 2010

Cancer's incidence

Cancer as solid tumour (most types of) is related to energy of Cold, and
the way it develops is powered mainly by energy of Burn.
The general energy scale in 8 Qi:
Fundamental Yang energies control:
--- Light
Practical Yang energies control:
--- Burn
Main energies, Yang or Hetero:
--- Heat
Main energies, Yin or Gomo:
--- Dampness
--- Dryness
Practical Yin energies control:
--- Cold
Fundamental Yin energies control:
--- Darkness

Energies are linked as Yin -Yang or Gomo - Hetero pairs:
--- Dampness - Wind
--- Dryness - Heat
--- Cold - Burn
--- Darkness - Light

For example, disease of Dampness, overweight, always affects Wind energy.
For it, this is the narrowest energy range Dampness - Wind.

Depression or bipolar disorder are problems of Dryness - Heat and include 
Dampness - Wind pair as seen by the classification. This  may explain why these often involve 
for example, body weight variations.

Disorders of Cold - Burn level are even more fundamental including whole spectrum 
of real energies and affecting the practical control level i.e. are life-treatening by this. 
This may explain the basic features of cancer and even more severe condition, drug addiction.

Su-jok classifies disorders on Darkness - Light level as most severe conditions usually
considered incurable and inherited and genetic diseases.

Thus cancer treatemnt is supposed to be carried out on at least the practical control Cold - Burn level, and succes can be expected if work on the most fundamental Light - Darkness level.

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